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Tight Lines

20 Tips To Improve Your Nymph Fly Fishing
For a lot of enthusiastic fly fishing hobbyists, nymphing remains by far the most effective method to fly fish for trout in streams and rivers. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced veteran, mastering the following 20 tips to improve your nymph fishing is genuinely going to get you some fantastic results.

20 Tips for Fly Fishing in Lakes
If you have been trout fly fishing only in rivers, you need to discover the pleasures and excitement of trout fishing in lakes. It's the perfect day out for anybody who wants a change of horizon and a new fly fishing challenge. However, you might find the new fishing environment confusing, so here are the top 20 tips to help you make the most of your Stillwater fishing adventure

Fly Fishing Entomology for Beginners
In this short video, we will go over the basics of fly fishing entomology. There is a ton of great information out there on this subject, but it can be overly complicated and almost impossible to follow with the endless possibilities and lifecycle of the millions of species of insects on a given river or still water.  We will break down the basics so you can spend more time fishing and less time wondering what fly to use.

10 Tips for Fly Fishing Big Water (Rivers and Lakes)
Large lakes and large rivers can be overwhelming when you first fly fish on them. Here are 10 Tips for Fly Fishing Big Water. Fly Fishing Tips from techniques, to which equipment to use, to safety aspects to ensure you're not in dangerous territory, and of course, tips to improve the quality of your angling skills.

Fly Fishing Presentation For Beginners
Fly presentation is one of the key components in fly fishing. You have a different fly fishing presentations for dry fly fishing than you do for nymphing or streamer fishing. What this lesson will go over is the basics of moving water and how it can affect the look of your fly as it passes through the feeding lane.

Fly Fishing vs Spin Fishing
Before the battle of Euro Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing came into the spotlight, for years, there has been a debate surrounding fly fishing and spin fishing. Which one is best? Is there a superior choice? One that catches more fish, or seems to be easier? One that is more enjoyable? 

Roll Casting Tips for Beginners
During this short video, we will go over the basics of roll casting. Roll casting is a technique that you use when there are obstructions behind you. These obstructions could be a tree or a bush, or even people walking behind you. It is an effective technique for getting your fly to the desired location without getting it hung up and causing you to lose a fly.

TOP 25 Places to Catch Large Trout Fly Fishing in America
If you have been searching for the best places to catch large trout fly fishing in America, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of twenty-five places that you can go to if you are hoping to catch some pretty big trout. There are so many places across North America that you can expect to catch large trout, and people who live in this country are very lucky as this is not the case all over the world. Obviously, it is not going to be a guarantee that every time you go to one of these places, you are going to come home with a trophy, but these are the great spots that you can head to if you are looking to bag a MONSTER

How To Cast Fly Fishing For Beginners
During this video, we will cover the basics of how to cast fly fishing. We will demonstrate how to properly cast a fly the first time you’re on the water. Remember, practice makes perfect, and even after fly fishing for 30+ years, I still work on my form every day to improve my abilities. We will cover typical overhead casting and a slightly more advanced cast called the roll cast. Both of these simple moves can be used on every stretch of water.

10 Fly Fishing Casting Tips for Beginners
Anglers have been fly fishing for centuries, and it is a style of fishing that is about the casting technique of the fly line, due to the lightweight nature of the rod and the artificial fly. Fly fishing can be enjoyed in freshwater or saltwater, still water or rivers and its tributaries. Here are 10 essential tips to help you improve your fly fishing casting right now.

How to Tie Fly Fishing Knots for Beginners

In this lesson, we will go over the 5 basic knots for successful fly fishing.

1. The Arbor Knot
2. The Blood Knot
3. The Double Surgeon’s Knot
5. The Non-Slip Loop Knot

These knots will help you be successful the next time you go Fly Fishing.

How to Become A Fly Fishing Guide
Are you thinking about becoming a fly fishing guide? Fly fishing can be a great summer job and eventually a fantastic career path. You can either work for a business or you can branch out as an independent guide. There’s certainly profits to gain here, particularly if you are passionate and you are a skilled fisherman. But what will it take for you to succeed here and become a guide that clients love and trust?