Stonefly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment
Stonefly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment
Stonefly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment

Stonefly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment

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Stoneflies are unique because they’re an important environmental indicator. If you see stoneflies in a river or stream you know you’re fishing in good water because stoneflies require only the cleanest water.

I always get excited when I see stoneflies in the water because let's be honest… who doesn’t want to fish in high-quality, clean water? But, what I love most about fly fishing with stoneflies is they attract big fish almost year round.

Stoneflies can produce some fantastic nymph fishing, even in the colder months! This is great news if you want to fish year-round without expecting your results to drop just like the temperature. Fly fishing with stoneflies is a great way to attract a lot of trout to you.

Stonefly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment Details:

  • Each set covers the full stages of the stonefly life cycle. Nymph, emerger, and adult dry.
  • Lightweight and can even fit into your shirt pocket for on-the-go fly fishing!
  • Each set of flies comes in a pre-packed collector tin with easy-access dividers.
  • The size of the tin is 2.36" (59.9mm) x 3.75" (95mm) 0.36" (9.26mm) - the same size as an Altoids tin.
  • 32-pack assortment - so you have more than enough stoneflies that will last you a long time.
  • Stoneflies are suitable for summer and late winter/early spring (May-August, February-March).

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Steiman
Stonefly pack

Great flies, gives me a nice range of options.

Stonefly pack!!

Great selection of beautifully tied flies. This is a great way to cover the hatch! I bought the Midge life cycle pack too!

Deborah Sewall
Lifecycle kits

Purchased all 4 lifecycle kits. Everything I need for a day on the water. Well organized, excellent quality. Expected nothing less. Drifthook is the best!