12 Essential Things to Pack for Your Fly Fishing Trip in Louisiana

12 Essential Things to Pack for Your Fly Fishing Trip in Louisiana

Fly fishing for beginners is challenging, and packing the essentials can be confusing. Read on to find out what you'll need to take on a Louisiana fly fishing trip.

Louisiana makes a perfect spot for fly fishing. It is surrounded by the massive Toledo Bend Reservoir on the west, the mighty Mississippi River to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico on its southern border.

You must keep in mind some essentials, such as rod & reel, line, leader, artificial baits, proper clothes, sun-protection accessories, wading boots, bug spray, etc., to pack for the fly fishing trip in Louisiana’s freshwater rivers, lakes, and bayous. It will make your trip enjoyable and successful at the same time.

We've put together a handy list of 12 essentials for you to carry into Louisiana fly fishing trips.

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A Good Charter for Fly Fishing in Louisiana

Going on a fly fishing trip in Louisiana will require you to book a charter boat for a guided fishing experience. You will find several fishing services in Louisiana, such as the New Orleans Fishing Charter in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a reliable fly fishing experience.

An experienced, local, and licensed fishing captain can take you in his charter to the hot spots of Louisiana rivers for unforgettable fishing actions.

Pack These 12 Essential Things for Fly Fishing in Louisiana

Fly fishing may be an art, but it surely takes a set of useful gears to make the task effective and satisfying. Many smart fly fishing tools and gears are available in Louisiana. Let’s get down to the list below.:

1.  Fly Fishing Accessories

Some integral accessories for fly fishing are listed below:

●      Rod and Reel:

8-weight rod and reel are useful in general fly fishing; however, 9-10 weight rod and reel are preferable to fight wind in open and unprotected waters of Louisiana.

●      Line:

For Louisiana marshes, a forward floating line is imperative for Louisiana marshes while a sinking line would be perfect for offshore fly fishing.

●      Leader:

As for pushing through wind, a 30-40 lb and 5-7 feet leader would be a great match.

●      Fly Fishing Flies

Trouts, redfish, bluegills, etc. hunt for shrimps, frogs, crabs, and flies in Louisiana’s marshes and open waters. Hence, collect a range of flies of those kinds to catch your . [Tips: Use dark flies in dirty waters and bright flies in clean waters for attracting the fish easily.]

2.  Clothes

Wondering what clothes to wear on a fly fishing trip in Louisiana? Well, you must take an assortment of clothes as mentioned below:

  • Long sleeves and long pants are essential to protect your skin from bugs and sun rays during fly fishing.
  • A Face & Neck gaiter is useful in protecting your face from bugs and sun.
  • Put on clothes in a few layers as you might experience weather from shivering cold to blazing hot during long boat trips. Carry a set of light jackets, long or short sleeve shirts, linen shirts, insect repellent woven shirts, etc., for wearing on top. Nonetheless, lightweight nylon fly fishing pants are durable and useful in such fishing tours.

3.  Polarized Sunglass

Why take a polarized sunglass during fly fishing? The reasons are: 

  • Sightseeing is vital for casting your fishing rod into the waters. Thus, a polarized sunglass would ensure clear vision and protection from scorching sun rays during fly fishing.
  • Make sure you purchase a polarized sunglass made of copper and amber lenses.

4.  Cash

Cash is required for charter excursions to cover extra services, such as fish cleaning and preparation. Also, some boats sell beverages and snacks, which you may buy occasionally. Remember to tip your guide after a safe, pleasurable trip.

5.  Bug Protection

Bugs in Louisiana’s freshwater may make your fly fishing experience horrible sometimes. The solution is to keep a little bug spray to avert the mosquitoes and biting flies. 

6.  Dry Socks and Shoes

Add an extra pair of shoes and socks if you have space in your backpack. Your wading boots should do the trick during fly fishing in the ankle or knee-high water; nonetheless, a backup can always save the day in nature.

7.  First Aid Kit and Medication

Unexpected injuries shouldn't spoil your fly fishing day. A basic first aid pack including a few alcohol swabs, bandages, gauze, waterproof tape, antibiotic ointment, and pain medicine should be enough to handle most fishing-related injuries.

Use hand sanitizer after handling fish to prevent the spread of bacteria. Also, don't forget to take your regular medicines if necessary.

Streamers Kit

8.  Smartphone or Camera

It is helpful to have a GPS-enabled smartphone for instructions and communication in an emergency during fly fishing. Also, if you are a newbie, a printed map might come in handy.

Although optional, you may take a waterproof go-pro cam to capture some fantastic videos and pics of the day's epic fly fishing haul!

9.  Waterproof Bag

Take a waterproof bag to safely keep your phone, camera, wallet, vehicle keys, cards, etc., inside it when you're not using them.

10. Louisiana Fishing License

In Louisiana, recreational fishing needs a state-issued license, which you can obtain quickly and simply online.

A basic license may cost $9.50 to $60 depending on the state or out-of-state residents. An out-of-state fly fishing enthusiast can acquire a 3-day fishing license in Louisiana.

11. River Sandals or Shoes 

High-quality river sandals beat the flip flops with anti-aching, quick-draining, and heavy-duty-soles features.

Fly fishing in Louisiana may take hours of standing and wading in the water. However, a pair of nice river sandals will minimize foot abrasion and possible injuries.

Besides, river sandals are ideal post-fishing footwear since they allow your feet to breathe after being confined in wading boots all day.

12. Wading Boots

Wading boots are one of the essential items among your fly fishing equipment. You should prefer your wading boots to flip flops to avoid soggy and heavy feet.

Bring your wading boots if they are in good shape, or else consider buying a new pair. You can also rent or borrow from your guide if he has spares.


This is a generalized list of fly fishing equipment. You'll need to carry extra equipment for more specialized angling techniques like swinging and stripping streamers.

If you're going on fly fishing in the winter, you'll want to carry cold-weather clothes, such as an insulated rain jacket. Also, for multi-day expeditions, you must consider your food requirements, cook, and even camp in addition to your fly fishing gear.

Good luck with your Louisiana fly fishing trip, be safe, and Tight Lines!


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