This video is an overview of the Dritfhook Beginners system. It will give you an introction to the next 16 video series.

This video clip helps you map out the starting gear that you will need to begin your fly fishing trip as well as tips to be safe on the river.

This video will show your the copennents of a fly rod and reel and how to adjust them to perfection.

This video will give you a quick overview of the types of fishing line that are used in the DHFF System.

We will go into detail about the knots that you should learn to tie in order to make fishing an enjoyable experience.

During this video the Drifthook Team will show you the basics of the art of casting.

During this video we will touch base on a couple of advanced casting techniques that you will love to use.

In this video we will go over mending your line and setting up your fly for the perfect drift.

In this lesson we will go over the stages of a "fly" and species that you will use in the DHFF System.

In this lesson we will go into the art of reading the water.

Learn the ins and outs of Nymph Fly Fishing, from Rig Setup to presentaion.

One of the most exciting forms of fly fishing. Watching them rise and devour your fly.

Stream Fly Fishing is an amazing way to cover water and catch MONSTER Trout.

So the Trout has taken the bait, or has it? Find out when you have a hit and when you dont.

Your fish is on, congrats, during this video we will show how to bring it to shore.

There is nothing more satisfying than letting a fish go, knowing it will be there tomorrow for more fun.

Lets take a moment and review what we have learned so far.