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Tight Lines

Casting Closer to Perfection - Insider Tips for Accuracy

The better you are at casting your flies, the better chance you have of pulling in that rainbow trout you’ve only ever dreamt of. In this guide, let’s cover some peak insider tips on mastering the art of the fly rod cast.

Unlocking the Secrets of Topwater Bass Fishing: Strategies and Fly Selection
Nothing in the fishing world matches the rush of watching a largemouth bass leap from the water to seize your lure. Welcome to topwater bass fishing, an angling technique that takes you to a new level of excitement, thrill, and the promise of making a substantial catch.

Nymphing Gear to Land More Trout | Drifthook
When choosing a fly rod for nymph fishing, you'll want to consider the weight of the line you'll be using. In this article, we'll take a look at what gear you'll need to get started with traditional nymphing.

Wet Flies in Fly Fishing - Hooks to Swings
As a general rule wet flies can be made out of various materials, including hair, wool, or feathers. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks regarding how easy it is to tie a pattern with them and what kind of action they produce while being fished. Wet flies are usually fished in riffles, runs, and pools where fish hunt in the feeding zone.

Is Euro Nymphing Really Fly Fishing?

Euro nymphing has become one of the fastest-growing forms of fly fishing, with thousands of anglers participating worldwide. However, it still doesn't have the same number of participants as traditional fly fishing. In this weeks article we will discuss the key differences between traditional nymphing and Euro Nymphing.

Best Fly Types to Catch Trout | Drifthook

Flies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; some cause vibrations while others stand out more. Knowing which type of flies to use when fishing different waters is essential. As a general rule, nymphs, streamers, dry flies, and emergers will be the most successful types of fly patterns to catch trout. 

What Flies Do I Have Fly Fishing? Identify Your Flies
Knowing what you're fishing for is one of the most important things about fly fishing. It allows you to choose your equipment and fly selection more accurately than using random gear. When you are fly fishing for trout, proper fly selection can make all the difference. But how do you know what fly is in your box and when to use it?

How Do You Treat Dry Flies?
Oftentimes it's the sight of a fly struggling in the surface film that triggers an instinctive reaction. Whether you've recently switched to dry-fly fishing or you're just beginning, know that there are important rules for playing and landing your fish. Treating your dry flies so they float more effectively is one of them. 

Fly Fishing for Bass - Essential Tips & Tricks
Bass Fly Fishing offer anglers many benefits that may not be known to everyone, such as incredible top-water action, massive fish, and intense fights. Below there's an informative article about how to catch a bass on a fly every time successfully.

How Do You Fish Traditional Wet Flies?

Wet fly fishing is also referred to as subsurface fishing because it involves using sinking lines. When fishing with wet flies, anglers attach a weighted fly to their line, which sinks into the feeding zone of the river or stream.

Check out this article to learn more about Wet Fly Fly Fishing

Is Nymphing Really Fly Fishing?
Fishing has so many techniques and methods that it might be hard for you to determine the right approach. Many consider fly fishing as just casting...

Best Time To Fly Fish For Trout - Full Calendar Guide
It can be challenging to know the best time to go fly fishing, especially when you are new to fly fishing. While it is not impossible to catch fish at any time of the day, knowing a few facts can help you fish a lot smarter.