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  • Mike Riley

    Remove Lake Mead from this list. The Trout Hatchery has been closed since a virus was found in it. They have not planted trout there for a decade at least. You can fish on the river at Willow Beach, where Arizona plants trout year round every week, because the water is cold coming out of the dam upstream. They are not large, but they do average almost a pound in size.

  • Raul Padilla

    Can’t believe you left The San Juan off that top 25 list. The sun wants to be on everybody’s top 5 list!

  • KJ Stafford
    Writing this because found in Download section that, The South Holston and Watauga Rivers, Top 20 Places to catch Monster Trout! Johnson City, Tenn We are 10 minutes from The Watauga River in Elizabethton Tn, 20 Minutes from The South Holston River.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Gone Fishing!

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