Now that you have learned the basic techniques of the Drifthook fly fishing system, we would like to help you take your fishing to the next level.

In this lesson, we will go into specific tips that will help when you’re scouting for MONSTER trout. I would like to start with what you need to know before you even get to the water.

Do you feel confident with your fly box and the seasonal hatch chart? And do you want to be able to even more closely match what’s in the water that you’re fishing. Watch this video to take it to the next level.

Your best bet for catching trophie trout is a combination of timing, location, and scouting. With a little persistence and knowing where to look for these beasts, you will have the tools needed to land the trout of a lifetime.

In previous lessons, we discussed our basic setup for nymph fly fishing. But when I'm fishing for quantity or quality, I will typically switch up my rig for the water that I am fishing. Watch this video for advanced nymphing techniques.

During this lesson, we cover dry fly rig setups, dry fly casting, spotting for large trout dry fly fishing, and a few helpful tips to get you landing trout on a dry fly.


In this lesson we are going to discuss tactics for using Hoppers/large stimulators and Droppers. I like to group these together as you will be utilizing more than one of the Drifthook Fly Fishing kits to accomplish catching large trout on the surface and subsurface. These techniques will cover both the surface layer and emerging and free-floating Nymph patterns.

Big streamers mean big prey. Leeches, crawfish, and baitfish represent a significant source of calories. Those who use fly fishing streamers need to prepare themselves for hard takes. Hard and exciting takes and controlling these large fish during the catch can be physically demanding. But well worth it after you bring it in. Watch this video to learn all about it.

No matter what type of trout species you are targeting on a lake, you will naturally have a few challenges and differences from fly fishing on a river. Watch this video to get you catching large trout on stillwaters.