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First time buyer, will be long time customer!

Love my first purchase. Super nice case and well organized flies.

High Quality Flies

Love the categorized tins and high quality flies!


excellent flies cannot wait to use them .

Great for beginners and pros

Great value for both beginners and pros.

Can’t wait !

I haven’t had a chance to put them on the water yet… I’m waiting for some waders to rive from Simms then I’ll pack my rig and ever go to Bishop Ca. Or to Oregon to meet a friend of mine to fish. That’s for asking and I’ll let you know when I get back….


Excellent fly selection

This "Group" of flies is an excellent selection for the novice to the experienced fly fisherman. Not one has failed yet. No broken points or anything less than good quality that I can see, so far.

Stonefly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment

A collection of flies like these makes a lot of sense and saves me a lot of time. Great product!

Nice flies nicely organized

The barbless emerger flies are well made and well presented. I’ll buy another set.

Simple, effective and productive

The use of this collection was very simple, effective and productive. Caught a lot of fish first time out with them. Thank you

Emerger Swing

Great kit. Provides a wide variety of dry flies and emergers for all species. This has the same flies as the Pro Emergers kit, just fewer flies (so lower overall price).

Great Flys

I needed some heaver nymph's since mine only had brass beads. These have the tungsten for that extra weight. Even though these are labeled as Euro, I use them with by floating line setup. Old school nymphing. Quality looks good and having them already in a case and labeled is a plus. I would hardly be able to make these myself for the price.

Great product!

What a great product. I am new to fly Fishing and being able to buy a product that has is verity Mack the learning process easier!

Mayfly Life Cycle 32 - Pack Fly Assortment

Great product. Great price. Can't wait to use them out on the water.


A very nice collection. Well pleased with the order. I'm fishing on a river and it's taking me a little time to get used to them. I'm new but trying my best.

love the selection of flies

very happy with products ordered

Nymphs galore…high quality, stages of flies well represented in this assortment

Great, well thought out assortment


Haven’t used the flies yet… I’ll be up on the Bitterroot in a couple weeks and I’ll let you know…. They do look good though

Caddis Lifecycle Kit

This is a great kit to get a variety of caddis flys for dries, emergers, and nymphs. This provides a sampling of what you get from the larger Drifthook kits - so a good way to get everything you need on a smaller pricetag kit,.

Euro nymph pack

Love the flies and that they are labeled and secure in a great box

Hopper dropper kit

Nice kit. Caught nice rainbow first day using it. I will be using it alot this summer

Nice Selection

I bought all three tins of the lifecycle assortment.
There is a nice selection flies and the boxes are nice though not waterproof,
Because I have a bad habit of tripping over rocks and logs and falling I wish that the boxes were waterproof. That is the only thing I was disappointed about. That problem will be easily solved

Drifthook Flies

Great products at a great price. Helps simplify a somewhat confusing process of elimination as to what to what fly to choose. Thanks Matthew!


Grabbed the caddis life cycle box the moment I saw it. I find that the more I fish, the simpler I want to outfit myself. With the caddis fly assortment, I reduce the number of fly boxes in my vest thus freeing up space for another cigar! Thank you Drifthook for this innovative approach to my favorite pastime.

Mayfly life cycle 32

I received my Mayfly Life Cycle 32 flies and box recently. And I am very pleased to say , the quality and the number of flies are amazing. The small box also helps on the stream. I have caught a few fish and have used a few as a guide to tie my own.
Looking forward to purchasing more in the future.

Stonefly pack

Great flies, gives me a nice range of options.