Mayfly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment
Mayfly Life Cycle 32 - Pack Fly Assortment
Mayfly Life Cycle 32 - Pack Fly Assortment

Mayfly Life Cycle 32 - Pack Fly Assortment

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The Mayfly is the iconic river fly loved by anglers and most importantly trout! Mayflies generally emerge at the most opportune times of the day. Mayflies cause trout to rise to gorge and make your fly fishing experience much more enjoyable because catching trout just becomes a whole lot easier!

Emerger flies often float on the surface giving the illusion of a transforming insect which is known to attract trout.

By matching the hatch and mimicking natural insects the fish are feeding on you can present the mayfly in a way that is more likely to be accepted by the fish!

Mayfly Life Cycle 32-Pack Fly Assortment Details:

  • Each set covers the full stages of the mayfly life cycle. Nymph, emerger, and adult dry.
  • Lightweight and can even fit into your shirt pocket for on-the-go fly fishing! Each set of flies comes in a pre-packed collector tin with easy-access dividers.
  • Size of the tin is 2.36" (59.9mm) x 3.75" (95mm) 0.36" (9.26mm) 
  • 32-pack assortment - so you have more than enough mayflies that will last you a long time.
  • Mayflies are suitable for fishing all year round 

Customer Reviews

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Randy Wulff
Mayfly life cycle 32

I received my Mayfly Life Cycle 32 flies and box recently. And I am very pleased to say , the quality and the number of flies are amazing. The small box also helps on the stream. I have caught a few fish and have used a few as a guide to tie my own.
Looking forward to purchasing more in the future.

Deborah Sewall
Guide series fly boxes

Great selections , ample diversity, well made, reasonably priced.

Eric Ozoa
4 Box Set - 32 Pack Fly Assortment

Recently purchased the complete 4 box 32 Pack Fly Assortment. This set is essentially wide-ranging in terms of what’s needed out on the water. The exceptions being larger dry flies used as dry-dropper rig. It has everything for maximum setting. Great assortment and great fly selections in each box.

Nelson Fraticelli
4 star

Service has been 4 star so far, this has been my 3rd purchase

Great Quality Product!!

The Mayfly Pack Fly Assortment is a game-changer for fly fishing enthusiasts! The variety of expertly tied flies covers a wide variety of fishing conditions, ensuring success on every outing. The compact and durable pack is convenient to carry, and the top-notch materials used in the flies result in lifelike movements that attract even the most cautious fish. This kit has elevated my fishing experience, and I highly recommend it to fellow anglers.