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  • hafizurz

    Thanks for sharing so useful fly fishing tips, Looking forward to my next kayak fishing experience.

  • Brandon F

    I am new to fly fishing but have been doing a bunch of reading as of late. I really liked the points about casting every spot and moving from left to right so you don’t miss the fish. The illustrations about the different types of rigs were helpful as I have typically been using one fly/nymph. I will try two next time and put the split shot at the end for a dropshot nymph rig. Thank you for the tips

  • Greg Wheatley

    Really nice to have a short direct chapter…
    Here in south Africa we fish much the same… But our insect hatches are not as prolific as elsewhere…
    Yet there are waters with huge trout “busses” are what we call them here

  • Being new to fly fishing i found this very informative

  • Very informative!

    But there seems to be a mistake here somewhere: “ It’s detrimental for trout fly fishing in Stillwater to adjust to the cruising trout.”

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