Fly Fishing with Nymphs for Beginners

So, what is fly fishing with nymphs or nymphing?

Nymphing is the fly fishing technique that utilizes the nymph or emerger fly patterns under the water. Historically, the first nymph fishing was used with what today we would call traditional wing wet flies. These were used in tandem up to 10 flies across, both under the water and on the surface. As time progressed and fly tiers concentrated more on mimicking species, the nymph was developed and is used today. Today’s modern nymph fly uses natural and synthetic materials, including weighted presentations to bring the fly down into the feeding zone where fish will bite.  Check out the rest of the video to find out more.

About the Author
Matthew Bernhardt, a third-generation Coloradan, grew up at the forefront of the state’s fly-fishing revolution, enjoying time on the water, side by side with experienced guides and lifelong anglers.

By combining his passion for fly-fishing with input from other experienced fly-fishers and guides and his fine arts degree from Colorado State University, Matthew spent five years carefully developing the Drifthook Fly Fishing System, built to help every angler catch more trout.

When he’s not spending time with his wonderful family, you’ll find him out on the water catching MONSTER trout, and he anxiously looks forward to the day when his kids are old enough to join him there.

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