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  • Drifthook

    Hello Leeana,
    You make a very good point on the PFDs. I am an avid PFD advocate myself but also understand that awareness is also important. You must be able to understand the water before you should even attempt to wade it. You would be amazed how many people don’t even know how to swim. Thanks for your comment.

  • Leeanna Young

    Seriously? I scanned this article to find the mention of PFDs and didn’t. Wading belts help, but PFDs literally save lives. When will our fishing culture recognize going home at the end of the day is more important than looking cool on the water? Please publish this comment. We had two fly fishing vacationers drown yesterday morning in very nontechnical water. PFDs would have saved them.

  • Drifthook

    Hello Keith,

    Yes, some people think that because they are fishing that they are the only ones around. I see the same thing here in Colorado. I think we need to create an article on Fly Fishing etiquettecy as a lot of new fly fishers are not aware of the inappropriate behavior they might be doing on the water.

  • Keith Salow

    I live on the Gulf coast in Florida. Recently, a man from Oregon was vacationing and decided to utilize the public beach for his flyfishing. He was slinging hooks in an approximate 40 ft. circumference both on the beach where vast numbers of people were walking and into the Gulf where some of us were trying to swim. I am hoping that you can provide me information or direction to such, regarding standard safe practice that flyfishermen should adopt in such an environment.
    Thank you.
    Keith Salow

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