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Tight Lines

What Type of Fish Do You Catch Fly Fishing?
Popularized as the trout fish fishing method, fly fishing is a freshwater angling technique to catch salmon and grayling.  Artificial flies can also target sea species such as snook and redfish. Fly fishing combined with the appropriate gear, fly, and casting method can catch any fish in any water.

How Do I Start Fly Fishing Today?

For many of us with interest in the open air, spending hours in nature, and relaxing next to a beautiful riverside, fly fishing can be the perfect hobby. It not only gives us plenty of excitement but can teach us such practical virtues like patience, hard work, and respect for our natural environment.

To start fly fishing today, you will need to do the following...

Reading The Water - Fly Fishing For Beginners
In this article, we will go into the art of reading the water. You might ask, why do I need to learn how to read the water, or what do you mean by reading the water, is it a book? Reading the water is finding the most optimal place that trout inhabit and where they will be feeding.

Fly Fishing Entomology for Beginners
In this short video, we will go over the basics of fly fishing entomology. There is a ton of great information out there on this subject, but it can be overly complicated and almost impossible to follow with the endless possibilities and lifecycle of the millions of species of insects on a given river or still water.  We will break down the basics so you can spend more time fishing and less time wondering what fly to use.

Fly Fishing vs Spin Fishing
Before the battle of Euro Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing came into the spotlight, for years, there has been a debate surrounding fly fishing and spin fishing. Which one is best? Is there a superior choice? One that catches more fish, or seems to be easier? One that is more enjoyable? 

Roll Casting Tips for Beginners
During this short video, we will go over the basics of roll casting. Roll casting is a technique that you use when there are obstructions behind you. These obstructions could be a tree or a bush, or even people walking behind you. It is an effective technique for getting your fly to the desired location without getting it hung up and causing you to lose a fly.

10 Fly Fishing Casting Tips for Beginners
Anglers have been fly fishing for centuries, and it is a style of fishing that is about the casting technique of the fly line, due to the lightweight nature of the rod and the artificial fly. Fly fishing can be enjoyed in freshwater or saltwater, still water or rivers and its tributaries. Here are 10 essential tips to help you improve your fly fishing casting right now.

How Does Fly Fishing Work?
Fly fishing is a form of fishing that uses a lightweight artificial fly as bait. These artificial flies can represent everything from Mayflies to Baitfish and in-between. The casting techniques are different from other typical lure or bait fishing because the weight of the line projects the fly versus the weight of the lure when using traditional spinner fishing techniques. 

Beginners Guide To A Fly Rod
In this video, Drifthook Fly Fishing explains the ins and outs of today's modern fly rod. Most rods on the market come in 4-piece or 2-piece secti...

Casting Decisions: Saltwater vs. Freshwater Fly Fishing
The overall experience of a saltwater fly fishing outing differs in many ways from that of a freshwater one. When you’re trolling for marine fish in the open ocean or along the beach, you can expect to wrestle with bigger, more powerful fish that will take you on intense 100-yard runs with plenty of twists and turns. Though wrestling tough guys is the norm out on the river, too, the longer distances in the open ocean can make for a totally different experience reeling things in.

History of Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing Flies: Then and Now
Another discussed topic on fly fishing is when was the fishing fly created? Fly fishing dates back to 200 AD. The first ever reference to the angling fishing method was by Roman author Claudius Aelianus born in 175 AD. Aelian is believed to have written the first-ever account of the fishing method that utilizes artificial flies.

Is Fly-Fishing Right for You? 10 Ways to Know for Sure

I believe that just about anyone can enjoy the outdoor sport of fly-fishing, but here are 10 specific ways to know if fly-fishing is the right activity for you. Although you don’t have to agree with all 10, I think you’ll have got the most out of a new fly-fishing hobby if you agree with most of them.