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Tight Lines

How Long Should A Fly Fishing Leader Be?
A frequently asked question here at Drifthook Fly Fishing is, “How long should my leader be?” And the simple answer is… it depends. Well, it depends on a few different factors. During this article, we will go over numerous Leader Setups to help be successful on the water.

How to Fly Fish a Stream
When going fly fishing on a stream, you should consider three essential rules that oversee the fish's life: cover, nourishment source (feeding lane), and current. Continuously have these as a primary focus when you are looking at the stream to place your next cast.


Which knots are used in fly fishing? How do I tie fly fishing knots? These are two of the fly fishing questions I get asked most often. Even my father-in-law has asked me—his biggest holdup with his fly fishing hobby was that he couldn’t remember which knot to use, or how to tie the knots. So I thought I would talk about the top six fly fishing knots that everyone should learn in order to become a better angler. Most of the time, you will only need two of these knots (the Double Surgeon’s Knot and the Improved Clinch Knot) because as soon as you get a few of them tied you will not need to tie them again until you’re changing out your fly line, which doesn’t happen that often.

How to Fly Fish
So, you want to learn how to fly fish? Fly Fishing is a great hobby and even considered a sport in many areas as well. Fly fishing attracts people for many reasons. Whether you are looking for a challenge or you desire a connection with nature, you can learn how to fly fish and enjoy every bit of it. However, before getting started, there are certain things you should know. It isn't just about catching the fish. You should know how to get started, what gear to use, and more.

How to Fly Fish for Trout?
Have you been into fishing for a while, but you want to expand your skills and try a different type of fishing?  If so, you should know that many people love to fly fishing for trout. Fly fishing may be something you are interested in as well....