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Tight Lines

How Much Is Fly Fishing Gear? And What Should You Spend?
Are you investigating fly fishing gear prices? If so, you need to read this post. It gives you information on kit pricing, features, and what to consider before parting with your money. Mid-range fly fishing kits typically cost between $300 and $500. These sets include all the basics, such as rod, reel, flies and more...

Does Fly Fishing Use Hooks?
Fly fishing can be confusing when you’re first getting started. You may wonder whether hooks are used or which type of hooks best suit your needs. We’ll answer all your fly fishing hook questions here.

Can You Fly Fish Without Waders?
Waders are considered essential wear by seasoned fly fishermen. But can you fly fish without them? We take a close look at the pros and cons of waders to see if you can do without them or if they are essential.

Fly Fishing with Nymphs for Beginners

So, what is fly fishing with nymphs or nymphing?

Nymphing is the fly fishing technique that utilizes the nymph or emerger fly patterns under the water. Historically, the first nymph fishing was used with what today we would call traditional wing wet flies. These were used in tandem up to 10 flies across, both under the water and on the surface. As time progressed and fly tiers concentrated more on mimicking species, the nymph was developed and is used today. Today’s modern nymph fly uses natural and synthetic materials, including weighted presentations to bring the fly down into the feeding zone where fish will bite.  Check out the rest of the video to find out more.

Do You Need A Tippet To Fly Fish? Find Out Here

Attaching the fly to your tippet helps to mimic the realistic movement of the insect and nymph behaviors, essential in fly fishing. But, while a standard part of fly fishing gear, the tippet is not always needed to have an enjoyable fly fishing experience. Knowing when to keep or ditch it makes a huge difference.

Why Is Fly Fishing Called Fly Fishing?
Enthusiastic anglers have been able to find books sharing instructions and tips on how to fly fish, fly fishing rod, line, hook, and how to make fly fishing flies since the 15th century. Described in 1653 by English writer Izaak Walton as "the contemplative man's recreation," it seems that the process of using artificial flies to catch fish has been part of human history for around 2,000 years. One question that modern-day hobbyists need to be answered, though, is when did the fly appear in fly fishing?

What Type of Fish Do You Catch Fly Fishing?
Popularized as the trout fish fishing method, fly fishing is a freshwater angling technique to catch salmon and grayling.  Artificial flies can also target sea species such as snook and redfish. Fly fishing combined with the appropriate gear, fly, and casting method can catch any fish in any water.

How Do I Start Fly Fishing Today?

For many of us with interest in the open air, spending hours in nature, and relaxing next to a beautiful riverside, fly fishing can be the perfect hobby. It not only gives us plenty of excitement but can teach us such practical virtues like patience, hard work, and respect for our natural environment.

To start fly fishing today, you will need to do the following...

Reading The Water - Fly Fishing For Beginners
In this article, we will go into the art of reading the water. You might ask, why do I need to learn how to read the water, or what do you mean by reading the water, is it a book? Reading the water is finding the most optimal place that trout inhabit and where they will be feeding.

20 Tips To Improve Your Nymph Fly Fishing
For a lot of enthusiastic fly fishing hobbyists, nymphing remains by far the most effective method to fly fish for trout in streams and rivers. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced veteran, mastering the following 20 tips to improve your nymph fishing is genuinely going to get you some fantastic results.

20 Tips for Fly Fishing in Lakes
If you have been trout fly fishing only in rivers, you need to discover the pleasures and excitement of trout fishing in lakes. It's the perfect day out for anybody who wants a change of horizon and a new fly fishing challenge. However, you might find the new fishing environment confusing, so here are the top 20 tips to help you make the most of your Stillwater fishing adventure

Fly Fishing Entomology for Beginners
In this short video, we will go over the basics of fly fishing entomology. There is a ton of great information out there on this subject, but it can be overly complicated and almost impossible to follow with the endless possibilities and lifecycle of the millions of species of insects on a given river or still water.  We will break down the basics so you can spend more time fishing and less time wondering what fly to use.