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Tight Lines

What do I Need to Start Fly Fishing?
If you’re planning to pick a new hobby, then you should consider fly fishing. This involves walking into the water or standing beside it, casting your line attached to a small fly, and mimicking the movements of a fly. Fly fishing is a great fishing style, but do you have everything you need to get started?

What Fly Line Setups For Trout Should You Use?
When it comes to fly fishing flies for trout, few things matter more than your line setups. Here at Drifthook Fly Fishing, we've put together a near-comprehensive guide on everything you need to know on fly line setups for trout.

Sight Fishing for Trout - The Beginner's Guide
Sight fishing is a visual method for catching trout, and it's great fun. As the name suggests, sight fishing involves spotting fish in the water first and then trying to get them hooked on your fly. Although it can be difficult, sighting the fish before you cast does give you a bit of an edge.

15 of the Best Trout Flies for February
Picking the right fly fishing flies for trout makes all the difference. Whether you opt for midge, stonefly, or egg and worm patterns, it's so important to choose the best fly fishing flies for February. This article will take you through fly fishing flies 101 and the best flies to use. Below is a list of the best fly fishing flies for February.

Essential Midge Patterns for Fly Fishing
Midge patterns form an essential part of any fly box throughout the fishing year. So, before you dash off on your next fishing expedition, be sure to equip yourself with a few of these ‘killer’ midge patterns. And we’re here to help you with nine essential options.

Fly Fishing for Trout in Still Water - The Beginners Guide
Trout in ponds and lakes require different procedures and skills to succeed in catching them. Need to get more fish? Here are tips and insights on casting trout, the flies to use, and how to present them to enhance your catch rate when fly fishing for trout in still waters.

Traveling With Your Fly Fishing Gear
Planning an adventurous trip is usually pretty straightforward; purchase the plane tickets, rent a vehicle online, book a perfectly located hotel room or AirBnB, etc. But when planning a fly fishing trip that requires thought around the gear you’ll be using, there are a ton of micro but critical details to keep in mind

15 of the Best Trout Flies for January
Don't be left out in the cold this January. Choose the right trout fly for the season, and it can make all the difference. From midges to streamers, here are the top trout flies to use. Below you can see a list of the best trout flies to use in January.

How to Pick "The Perfect Fly"
The Drifthook Fly Fishing System is built on the idea that the number of aquatic insects at any given time can determine the successful outcome of your fly fishing trip. In this lesson, we will go over the breakdown of our Nymph Frenzy fly box and our DHFF Seasonal Hatch Chart to give you the optimal success on the water at any given time.

15 of the Best Trout Flies for Lakes
Choosing the right flies for trout fly fishing can make all the difference. From nymphs to streamers, here are some of the top trout flies to use for lakes.

15 of the BEST Fly Fishing Flies for Rivers!
If you have a trip to the river planned, you may be wondering which kinds of flies to pack in your bag. The good news is that we’ve done the legwork for you and put together a handy list of the top 15 fishing flies for rivers. Whether you’re searching for fly fishing flies for trout, or you’re a beginner looking to invest in your first fly fishing flies assortment, we’ve got you covered.

Fly Fishing Flies and Their Uses
Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or just getting started, one of the most important things to get right is the lure you're using. Fly fishing is a little different from traditional fishing, so it's important to understand nuances such as bait selection. This post will be looking at some of the most common fly fishing flies and their uses and explaining a bit about fly fishing to help beginners understand why fly selection is essential.