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Tight Lines

What Do You Need for Fly Fishing?
The art of fly fishing is a focused, calming experience that can take you all around the world. Many find standing with their fly fishing rod, aiming for the perfect balance of skill, placement, and just a little bit of luck, almost meditative. There's no doubt that you need the right fly fishing gear to get the best out of it - from rods to waders and everything in between. Our expert guide will give you the lowdown on what you need to buy to get the best experience when you go out to trout fish. You're in the right hands to get your fly fishing bag sorted out, ready for new adventures.

20 Tips to Fly Fishing with a Dropper
Many fly fishers prefer fly fishing with a dropper because it is easy and very effective in catching lots of different types of fish. If you're new to fly fishing, you may want some pointers before getting out there and trying your luck. Below, we've outlined 20 basic tips, tricks, and a little advice on how to become a pro at fly fishing with a dropper.

20 Tips on How to Fly Fish Alpine Lakes
Fly fishing in the alpine lakes can be a rewarding experience. However, given the remote nature of these beautiful and tranquil lakes, it is essential you get the best tips so that you can go prepared and get the best from your experience.

How To Fly Fish With Midges - Benefit Your Fly Fishing
So how do you fly fish with midges? It’s all about the patterns you create and the level at which the midges are hitting the water. Most fly fishers would usually think to keep it at the surface level of the water. However, when fish are looking for these midges, they’ll be looking for it at eye level, which will be near the bottom. 

How To Release A Trout for Beginners

When you finally land that MONSTER TROUT, it’s time to take that rewarding photo and then release the fish back into the water so others can enjoy the thrill that you just experienced. This lesson will go over proper ways to handle trout and then release them. Find out what to do in this video.

Is Fly Fishing Worth It? Yes, and Here is Why...
Fly fishing is a sport that involves wit, patience, and love of the outdoors. Using a lightweight rod and heavy line, casting your fly into strategic feeding spots. You're trying to fool fish into thinking it's an easy meal. However, fish are cautious, so you must outsmart the prize you want to catch.  Find out in this article why we believe Fly Fishing is Worth It!

Why is Fly Fishing Addictive?
Have you ever found yourself yearning to break free from your home, head out into nature, and enjoy a few hours to yourself in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere? Might you enjoy floating peacefully on a boat in the water, just you, your rod, and the occasional bite to keep your mind occupied and fill you with the thrill of having made a catch?

Become A Better Fly Fisherman With Fly Fishing Mending
What is Fly Fishing Mending? Mending your fly line is one of the essential skills to learn in fly fishing. Many fly fishers believe that the key to catching more trout is knowing how to cast, but actually, the secret is knowing how to have a perfect presentation and mending correctly helps with just that. Here, we're going to take a deep dive into the ins and outs of fly fishing mending, so you can get it right and know all there is to know.

What Are Fly Fishing Streamers?
If you’ve read about fly fishing streamers but aren’t entirely what they are or how to use them, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we answer all your streamer-related questions and provide some unexpected insights to boot.

Is Fly Fishing Expensive?
Fly fishing is one of the most gratifying and exciting hobbies out there. Not only is it a great way to spend your time, but it also helps you develop essential skills like patience, awareness, and ability. A lot of people live under the assumption that fly fishing is the domain of the elites and is far more expensive than all other types of fishing, but is this the case?

Is Fly Fishing Dangerous?
Fly fishing is an incredibly exciting and relaxing hobby, but it isn't always 100% safe. In this article, we'll show the reasons why it can be dangerous and how to avoid major pitfalls. With this advice, you'll never have to worry about anything other than catching fish when you go fly fishing.

Is Fly Fishing More Effective?
If you're wondering which method of fishing will catch you the most fish, you've come to the right place. Drifthook has explored whether fly fishing is more effective than other types, which options are available, and when it might be best to try something else.