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Tight Lines

Top 14 Places to Fly Fish in Mississippi - And What Flies to Use
Fly fishing in Mississippi offers anglers a unique experience with diverse fishing locations. The state provides ample opportunities to reel in various fish species from picturesque rivers to coastal waters. This article will explore the top 15 places to fly fish in Mississippi.

Top 17 Places to Fly Fish in Arkansas – And What Flies to Use
From the White River to the many tributaries of Bull Shoals Lake, the Bear State offers plenty of opportunities to land your desired catch. Although Arkansas is well-known for its bass fishing, many anglers don’t realize the abundance of trout and other species that can be found here.

Tips for Mastering Your Fly Casting Skills
In this article, we delve into the intricacies of fly casting, exploring the techniques, tools, and mindset required to become a proficient caster. We will cover everything from understanding the basic components of a fly rod to dissecting the mechanics of the perfect cast

Top 20 Places to Fly Fish in Nevada - And What Flies to Use
Nevada may be known for its deserts and casinos, but it also offers exceptional fly fishing opportunities. From pristine rivers to picturesque reservoirs, the Silver State boasts an array of fishing destinations that will delight both beginners and experienced anglers. Here are the top 20 places to fly fish in Nevada:

Top 20 Places to Fly Fish in Iowa – And What Flies to Use
While Iowa may not be the most commonly thought of location for fly fishing, it actually provides a variety of opportunities for this activity. Iowa has something to offer fly anglers of all skill levels, from coldwater streams to picturesque lakes and rivers.

Top 36 Places to Fly Fish in Utah - And What Flies to Use
Utah is a great destination for fly fishing. With its diverse natural landscapes and abundant trout, it's no wonder this state is beloved by anglers worldwide. Utah's expansive landscape is catered to fly fishing with over 2,700 square miles of awe-inspiring water.

Top 36 Places to Fly Fish in Oregon - And What Flies to Use
Oregon is an incredibly abundant locale for fly fishing, boasting a multitude of stunning landscapes and species to match. From its myriad rivers and streams extending out over 100,000 miles to the 360-mile coastline along with 1,400 lakes - Oregon presents something extraordinary that every angler can enjoy!

Top 15 Places to Fly Fish in Connecticut – And What Flies to Use
Whether you’re a novice or an experienced fly fisherman, Connecticut has something to offer. From the scenic coastlines of Long Island Sound and the Housatonic River to the smaller streams and ponds scattered across the state, there are plenty of opportunities for excellent fishing experiences.

Top 16 Places to Fly Fish in Oklahoma – And What Flies to Use
This state is home to some of the country's best trout and bass fishing spots, making it a great destination for anglers looking for adventure. From sparkling rivers to well-stocked lakes, there are several prime spots for fly fishing.

Top 17 Places to Fly Fish in Kentucky – And What Flies to Use
When it comes to fly fishing, Kentucky has a lot to offer. The state is home to numerous rivers, lakes, and streams teeming with fish. And with the right conditions, you can find some great spots for fly fishing.

Top 15 Places to Fly Fish in Louisiana – And What Flies to Use
Louisiana's lush marshlands are brimming with incredible opportunities for shallow water fly fishing all year round. It is no wonder that this destination has earned a global reputation as one of the best places to saltwater fly fish! 

Top 16 Places to Fly Fish Alabama – And What Flies to Use
The waters of Alabama have broken world records and offer anglers various species and numerous locations for fishing. Fly fishing isn't just for local ponds; large hydroelectric reservoirs and state-owned fishing lakes are drawing in anglers from all over the country. Check out these top 16 places to Fly Fish in Alabama.